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ClusterSeven Partners: helping you identify spreadsheet risk

Our specialist Partners help customers identify spreadsheet risk, remediate spreadsheets, establish policies and processes as well as offering solutions across a broad range of industries and for (business area) specific applications.

They offer expertise in areas such as spreadsheet management, end user computing (EUC) governance and risk management, Financial planning & analysis, data quality and governance, GDPR and GRC (governance, risk and compliance).


Work with a ClusterSeven Partner

We're proud to collaborate with a variety of leading Partners from across the globe who identify spreadsheet risk as a key challenge for their customers regardless of industry or size.

  • Advisory Partners specialize in:

    • Helping you create or update spreadsheet and EUC policies in line with business and regulatory requirements
    • Defining roles and responsibilities around spreadsheets in your organization
    • Reviewing and designing your systems and processes to improve operational efficiencies
    • Communicating your spreadsheet policy to the wider organization to ensure compliance and buy-in
  • Remediation & Modelling Partners specialize in:

    • Providing remediation services around your risky spreadsheets
    • Providing consulting services around their specific applications
    • Creating business models in spreadsheets as one off or as an ongoing service.
  • Application providers (ISVs) specialize in:

    • Helping organizations replace spreadsheets with enterprise applications, often removing 80% of the spreadsheets and then actively managing and monitoring the remaining critical files.
    • Providing complimentary technologies to ClusterSeven in the areas of GRC, Risk Management, Financial Planning & Analytics and many more
    • Using ClusterSeven to understand your current estate of spreadsheets and other EUCs
    • Directing that insight to support data center moves, mergers and acquisitions, and office upgrades
  • Referral Partners:

    • Referral Partners work with ClusterSeven by introducing their customers to ClusterSeven and the technology and expertise we provide

Become a ClusterSeven Partner

We’re keen to expand our Partner network by developing symbiotic relationships with other companies to deliver additional value to our customers.

Our partnerships offer opportunities for different types of companies. They’re based on a variety of models from referral arrangements through to integration and OEM partnerships.

If you are interested in becoming a ClusterSeven Partner, please use the link below to get in touch via the Contact Us form:

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ClusterSeven: Results delivered from day one

  • Productivity: changes and errors are identified in a fraction of the time.

  • Accuracy and quality: reduction in errors leads to higher quality.

  • Control: spreadsheets can be developed, reviewed and approved like any other application.

  • Governance: our audit trail delivery simple yet effective information to auditors.

  • Regulatory compliance: helps support compliance initiatives e.g. SOX, GDPR, BCBS 239, Solvency II, MIFID II, 1FRS9, CCAR, DFAST & many more.

  • Peace of mind: have the confidence in that critical spreadsheet for the Board pack, your M&A process & your business model as for your corporate applications.

Why Partner with ClusterSeven

Find out why you should consider partnering with ClusterSeven. Tony Bethell, VP Strategic Alliances talks about the value or a relationship and the benefits it delivers to you and your customers.

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Let's talk about how ClusterSeven can increase transparency and control around your spreadsheets and give you confidence in your business critical processes and the accuracy of your data empowering you to make informed business decisions.

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