The ClusterSeven platform adds value for organizations in a variety of industries – in fact, any organization that uses Excel spreadsheets and other EUC* applications heavily could benefit from our solutions.

ClusterSeven helps organizations to reduce their exposure to risk of all kinds: operational, reputational, regulatory and financial, by enabling them to implement an EUC governance solution that improves data quality, data transparency, and compliance with internal and external EUC controls. Better still, ClusterSeven makes all this activity more efficient for your organization, freeing up valuable time and resource for other activities.

ClusterSeven delivering Certainty

  • Proven delivery track record – all our customers go-live on time, on budget
  • Speed of deployment – we can deploy in 10-15 days based on requirements
  • Referencebility – we have over 30 customers in 20 countries across 5 continents
  • Ease of implementation – we ensure minimal disruption to BAU activity


See how ClusterSeven can help you address end user computing risk in your organization below.

*EUC stands for end user computing, and is synonymous with end-user developed applications (EUDA), user tools (UT), user applications (UA) and user-developed tools (UDT)

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